Thai cooking is uniquely different from other South East Asian cuisine. It
is influenced by both Chinese and Indian cuisine, and has been modified
with fresh local herbs and spices, combined to create many unique Thai dishes.

Thai cooking is a form of art. The taste of each dish is of utmost
importance. However, its preparation and presentation are of equal
importance. The dishes must have the distinctive Thai taste. At the same
time they must be fragrant and colorful. When thinking about Thai food,
the first thing that may come to mind is that Thai food is spicy hot, but
that is not all it is about. Thai dishes must have the combined tastes of
spicy hot, salt, sweetness, sourness, and sometime bitterness, creating a
truly unique harmonious taste. The secret is in the ingredients.

Rice is the heart of the meal in Thailand. It is the basis of our diet.

At the dinner table, there may be as many as twenty courses, which
include appetizers, soup, vegetables, meat, and fish dishes served with a hot
plate of rice. And here at Rose Apple, we are proud to say,
“We do not use MSG”.
Thank you.

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